Why Me? Why Now?

It probably seems like I’m getting into this game a little late.  Mommy blogging has been a ‘thing’ for a long time now.  Isn’t everybody already doing it? What could I possibly have to say that you haven’t already read?  And why would I think that now is the time to start to a blog?

I guess I always thought my best, most entertaining stories were the ones about the exotic, exciting things I have done in my life.  Lately though, I’ve begun to realize that what I really value from others (and what they seem to value from me) are the everyday glimpses of authenticity that we share.  What’s hurting you today?  What made you laugh? What did you learn from life today?  What are you reading?  What’s blowing your mind (in a good or bad way?)

I also love to hear the stories that shaped people…that story about your mom that explains why you always wear lipstick to the gym.  The sadness you feel when looking back on that relationship you ‘ghosted’ in college. Your birth story.  Your best (or worst) day ever.  What’s making a difference in your life today?  What was the turning point in life for you?

So that’s what I want to write about.  I want to share my everyday stories…I want to write about the mundane moments that I vividly remember.  I want to write about marriage, motherhood, parenting a special needs kiddo, being a woman, being a reader, travel nerd, volunteer, lover, liar, friend.  I want to show you the best and worst parts of me and trust you to hold a space for me to do that.  

I want to share those stories with you…whomever you might be.  Maybe you’ll read something that reminds you of you…maybe you’ll read something you’ve never thought of before.  And maybe, in response, you’ll choose to share your stories with me.  I think we all crave connection and we all want to be heard.  Let’s carve out a small space in the digital universe to do both.  I’d be honored to allow you to read from my heart and stand guard if you choose to share yours.

Life, love and PANDAS*,


*More on PANDAS later…

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