Rockin’ It!

Its been a little while since I last posted and a lot of things have happened!  Perhaps most surprisingly, I’ve become a model!  I know, right?  I’ve been a customer of Gwynnie Bee for nearly five years and have loved having the opportunity to ‘rent’ my clothes.  Since I had surgery in 2011 for an ovarian tumor, my weight has bounced all over the place and Gwynnie Bee has served me well for two reasons:

1) I always think I’m going to lose the weight so I don’t want to invest in new clothes, and

2) Gwynnie Bee provides amazing name brand fashions in ‘all the sizes!’  I’m able to get pieces that are equally as beautiful when I’m a 20w as I can when I’m a 12!

The story is this:  it’s Netflix for women’s clothing!  They release new styles on their website every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  I choose the pieces I like and put them in my ‘closet.’  I pay for a monthly subscription (the plan I choose includes 3 rotating pieces per month) and they send me three items from those I have closeted.  I wear them, don’t wash them and put them in the purple bag prepaid return mailer and put them in my mailbox.  As soon as they receive one piece, they send out something else from my closet!  That goes on for the month!  If I’m efficient about returning my pieces quickly, I can get 9-12 pieces a month!

As I said, I love the service.  One of the things I’ve loved most is that every time they post a new piece, they show it on a regular model and then two ‘First Fit Review’ models.  The models are of various sizes and they write a short review of how they felt about the piece and how it fit!  It’s a huge help in deciding what might look good on me!

Well, in November, I got an email saying that Gwynnie Bee was casting for ‘First Fit’ models in Columbus.  I modeled and was in pageants as a child and young woman and must have been having a good hair day the day I got the email cause I thought, ‘I can do that!’  I sent in an application and was called in for a casting call.  By December, I was hired and in January started shooting on a real set with a real photographer!  The experience has been amazing!  I love getting to try on all the fashions and love even more that I’m putting myself out there to help someone else find a style that will make her feel beautiful!  I happen to love the picture I included above…my husband says I look ‘sassy’ and that makes me happy!

If you’d like to check out Gwynnie Bee for yourself, go to of #GwynnieBee for a free month, on me!

It’s a great company and a terrific service!

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