The Book Drop


As you can tell by my post yesterday about Gwynnie Bee, when I find a brand or service that I particularly love, I’m particularly loyal and especially vocal about it!  As many of you know, there are few things I love as much as reading and surprises…so The Book Drop from Bethany Beach Books has been a godsend for the past 4 years!  I pay a very small fee ($8 for Middle Grade, $10.99 for YA and $16.99 for Adult selections) each month and receive a mailer with an amazing book (and often a couple of little goodies) inside!  I’m always thrilled with the books that The Book Drop chooses and have never received a book that I already own!  I love the surprise (surprise(s)…I subscribe to all three boxes!) every month and love sinking into a fresh, new paperback even more!  A couple of months back, The Book Drop took applications for Brand Ambassadors and I just knew I had to apply!  I’d been a loyal customer for so long and had loved the service so much that I relished the opportunity to tell others how great it is.  In January, I was accepted for the team and have been given an amazing opportunity to share The Book Drop with you!  As a Brand Ambassador, I receive (one of) my boxes for free every month in exchange for posting about the book I receive.  Additionally, I may be surprised at other times during the month by receiving an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of a book that the Book Drop thinks I might particularly like.  I’m not obligated to read or write about those books but so far, I’ve been blown away by those selections as well!

The book I’m giving you a sneak peak of today is an ARC I received on Friday.  It’s Middle Grade, and if you’ve read anything else I’ve posted or heard me on the Modern Mrs. Darcy podcast, you probably know that Spencer and I obsessively read together every day!  We’re currently in the middle of The Mysterious Benedict Society for the second time but are now chomping at the bit to start this one too!


The Book I’m sharing today is Tin, by Padraig  Kenny.  It has a 3.82 rating (quite good!) on Goodreads.  From what I’m able to gather so far, it’s the story of a ‘real’ boy (Christopher) who lives in a steampunk world and becomes friends with a number of ‘mechanicals.’  A devastating accident occurs that changes Christopher’s life and sends him on an amazing and riveting (see what I did there?) adventure!  It sounds like so much fun and a little reminiscent of The Fog Diver…a book we received from The Book Drop a couple of years back and ADORED!

I can’t wait to read it and will absolutely post more when I do.  But, for now, two things:

1) Tin releases on Tuesday, March 26th so head over to or your local independent bookstore to grab a copy!

2) Sign up for The Book Drop yourself…and get 10% off by using my code:  MAMAPANDA at check out.

I’ll be posting lots more ‘book stuff’ here in the near future so subscribe to my blog to be notified when more goodies appear!

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