The ups and downs of modeling

As many of you know, I’ve was super excited to be hired as a First Fit model for Gwynnie Bee beginning in January. As a FF model, I go ‘on set’ on Fridays and have my picture taken by a professional photographer in 15-20 outfits that will be made available on the GB website for rental. After the photo is shot, I write a short review of the piece to indicate how it fit on me and whether or not I would recommend it. It’s been a blast! What more could I ask for? Writing and clothes? Yes, please!

I’ve had a ball! 90% of the pieces I’m asked to try on are gorgeous and I love wearing them. The staff and photographers at Gwynnie Bee are super supportive and helpful and the camaraderie between models is one of the highlights. I’ve loved seeing my pictures come out 3x per week and have yet to be more than a tiny bit embarrassed by how I look in any of the shots! The feedback I’ve gotten has been terrific: I hear from people all the time who truly appreciate me putting myself out there so that they can see how the clothes really fit! And, it’s super exciting when a picture of me that I’m really proud of gets posted! (See photo above.)

Of course, there is a little bit of pressure involved in the gig. I worry that I’ll look awkward in the photos or that people will judge my appearance or published measurements. We each come to the shoot ‘hair and makeup’ ready so that our pictures reflect our daily look…not some rendition of us concocted by professionals! So, it’s ‘on me’ to make sure I’m having a good hair day and my blemishes are well-concealed!

And then, of course, there are THOSE pieces of clothing. Sometimes it’s just a style (boho!) that I wouldn’t normally wear IRL but that’s no big deal. Occasionally however, there’s a piece that I just don’t know what to do with! It’s not attractive to me or the fit is all wrong…the colors make me look horrible or my lumps and bumps show. Sometimes, a single dress will get passed to 3-4 models before we find someone who can actually pull it off. Amongst the models on set, we giggle and make fun of whoever has to wear that piece but I take the responsibility very seriously! Some designer has created this dress and, trust me…I’ve seen it in my jewelry business, there’s a buyer for everything! So I don the offending piece, giggle along with the other models and do my very best to rock it! Some of what I consider my ‘biggest wins’ are pictures of ‘difficult’ garments that turn out well! (See pic below)

There’s a lot to learn for a fit model, too. Most of us are not trained models and ideas about what poses look good don’t always come naturally. Luckily, our photographer has been an incredible teacher. He coaxes, praises and instructs to get the very best of each of us! I bet you’ve never even considered how hard it is to make it look like you are walking normally when given 5 feet in which to do it!

I get excited every time I get an email from Gwynnie Bee scheduling me for the next shoot. I take it as a sign that I am doing a good job and meeting their needs. Moreover though, I take it as another opportunity to thoroughly enjoy myself and ‘rock’ some amazing clothes so Gwynnie Bee customers like me can pick the most flattering pieces for them!

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