Children’s Book Review: Tomorrow Most Likely by Dave Eggers. Illustrated by Lane Smith

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to review a children’s book for you. This one, by Dave Eggers (you may know him as the author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) and illustrated by Lane Smith (Stinky Cheese Man anyone?) is a beautiful bedtime story about the things that might happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow Most Likely

The illustrations are gorgeous, colorful and whimsical…I could have looked at them all day and I can only imagine how fascinating they would be for little imaginations.

I also enjoyed most of the text…I found it hopeful and fun! ‘You might ride a whale. You might eat a cloud. You might write a song and sing it too loud.’ I did find myself a little creeped out by a couple of lines…’Tomorrow most likely, there will be a sky’ and ‘Tomorrow most likely there will be a meal.’ I really wouldn’t want my little one thinking about the potential that there might NOT be those two things tomorrow. Admittedly though, my adult mind was probably thinking into it a bit too much! The target audience for the book (ages 3-5) is probably not comprised of kiddos as neurotic as mine was! <sigh>

All in all, I think this book would make a great baby gift or read-aloud for your little one. It would inspire lots of conversation about what tomorrow might bring and (given the 3-5 set’s propensity to love repetition) you just might find something new to discuss in the illustrations with every read!

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