Pick the book for the inaugural Mama Panda Bear Virtual Book Club Meeting!

Mama Panda Bear Book Club

The inaugural Mama Panda Bear Virtual Book Club will take place May 14th, 2019 at 8:00pm EDT.  That gives us a little more than a month to pick and read a book that we want to discuss as a group!

To help us out with that, I’ve narrowed the list to 6 books:  2 Contemporary Fiction, 2 YA and 2 Middle Grade, all that have been published in the past year.  I’ve included a poll below with the names, authors, book types and page counts for each of the books you can vote on.  Each book selection also includes a cover image.   I’ve included the link to each book below the poll so that you can read more about them/make a purchase as necessary.

Based on your feedback yesterday, the meeting will take place via video conference.  It’ll give all of us a chance to interact verbally and see and respond to one another.  The book club meeting will last an hour and I plan to get us together with a new book every month!

Please cast your vote below!  I’m terribly excited about each and every one of these books and can’t wait to see what you pick!

Woman 99

Mystery of Black Hollow Lane

The Only Woman in the Room

The Similars

Look at Me

Iron River

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