Author Interview: Scott Reintgen – author of the Nyxia Series

Nyxia Uprising Released Today!


It’s a big day at my house! Nyxia Uprising was released today!  Spencer and I LOVED Nyxia and Nyxia Unleashed so we’ve had Uprising on order for at least 6 months!  I think we’re both ready for bedtime already so we can dig in!

Perhaps even more exciting, however, is what I alluded to in my post last week:  author Scott Reintgen agreed to take questions from both Spencer and me and I have a really cool interview with him to share with you today!  

For those of you unfamiliar with the Nyxia Series, (Wha?  Where have you BEEN?) the story centers around a group of young people who have been selected by a huge corporation (Babel) to leave Earth and compete for the chance to live and work on the secret planet of Eden. If selected, they and their families will be inordinately rich and they will work for Babel to mine the most valuable substance in the universe:  Nyxia.  The crew selected for the competition is as vivid as it is diverse:  they span ethnicities, genders, sexualities and abilities.  The one thread that binds them all is their youth:  adults cannot survive on Eden.


The competition amongst those selected is fierce and the secrets and conspiracies that they face are legion.  No one knows for sure what Babel is up to but each of the competitors has been selected with carefully curated criteria in mind.  We meet Emmett Atwater, the series protagonist, and watch throughout the first book as he fights to win, survive and build relationships with those he is fighting so hard to beat.  Along the way, he bonds and spars with other amazing characters and strives to determine his own path:  will he fight to the death or try to win in a way that allows him to stay true to himself.  

In the second book, Nyxia Unleashed, we find some of the original crew on Eden and learn about what it means to be an emissary of Babel to a race of amazing and unknown beings – the Adamites.  The Genesis crew, as the Earthlings are called, struggles to figure out who to trust…each other?  Their fellow Earthlings at Babel?  The Adamites?  They also face challenges to their physical safety as well as threats to what they believe they know about what it means to live a good life!  Ultimately, the Genesis crew is trapped between the warring forces of Babel and the Adamites and we are left to wonder whether or not they will make it out alive.  Left with that cliffhanger, you can hardly wonder why we’ve waited impatiently for 6 months for the final installment in the triad! 


The final book, Nyxia Uprising, is billed as the Genesis crew’s opportunity to save the world for both the Adamites and their friends and families back home on Earth.  While navigating the twisted plans of their sponsor, Babel, and the rough terrain of Eden, they must find a way to return to their launch station and win control of the Genesis ships.  Everything hangs in the balance and we’ll read with bated breath as we already know the devious and challenging capabilities of both Babel and Eden.

With all of that in mind, Spencer and I got the opportunity to interview the Nyxia mastermind himself last week and this is what we learned from Scott Reintgen about the books, the characters we love and the future Genesis and other amazing creations coming from Reintgen’s imagination in the future!

Interview with Reintgen:

Shannon:   Did you know the arc of your story across the three books when you started or did you start with one book and then expand?

Scott:  I really tend not to plan that far ahead. I knew the end of the first book and that’s it. From that point on, I was mostly trying to let my characters guide the story as much as possible.

Spencer:  Where do your character names come from?  We are particularly curious about Morning and Speaker.
Scott:  I wish I was the cool author who has significant meaning behind every name… but… I don’t. I mostly pick a name that sounds really cool and if it fits the character, it sticks. I did teach a student named Morning at one point, which might be a small inspiration for that particular name.

Shannon:  What was your favorite book when you were growing up? Middle school?
Scott:  The very first book that transformed me into a reader was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Until that point, I really wasn’t a big reader at all. All it takes is one right book!

Spencer:  Did anything in your real life inspire something in the books?
Scott:  Of course! Most of the book is inspired by people I know and situations I’ve seen in real life. Some of our best fiction comes when we drink in the real world around us and alter it slightly.

Shannon:  Did you find it hard to write female characters? What are the challenges? 
Scott:  It’s always difficult to write outside of my experience. Generally, though, I try to think of the women in my life and channel them into the characters I’m writing. There’s also a backdrop of “everyone is human” that you can play with. We all experience fear. We all experience hope. Some of that can really cross those barriers.

Shannon:  Why was it important to you to include so many different kinds of people in your work?
Scott:  It was important because that’s the reality of our world. We live in a diverse world, even if we’d often rather pretend most people are like us. That diversity should be celebrated and on the page. The writers who ignore that reality in their world are starting from a poor foundation.
Shannon:  Do you have a favorite book that you don’t think gets the credit it deserves?
Scott:  My favorite short story collection is by Stuart Dybek. It’s entitled The Coast of Chicago. Most people have never heard of him, but he writes some of the most gorgeous prose I’ve ever read. His story Nighthawks is a particular favorite of mine.
Spencer:  What experiences in your life made you want to be a writer?
Scott:  Several things played into the decision. First, I played a lot of video games. Every game had stories in the backdrop, and I always found myself wanting to know more. Eventually I began writing them myself. The second part of this is that I am fairly shy. Kind of an introvert. Writing books is my way of having a voice when I might otherwise be too afraid to speak.
Shannon:  Is this the end for Emmett and the gang’s story?  What should we expect from you next?
Scott:  This is the end of Emmett’s tale. I feel like it reaches a satisfying conclusion, and I’m ready to move on to new worlds. I have a middle grade book coming in September. It follows a young girl who is attending Protagonist Preparatory to learn how to be a character. Unfortunately, she fails her auditions and lands in the side-character track. She wrestles with what it means to fail as she begins her first semester at the school. Then in January I have a book entitled Ashlords coming. It has a lot of what my fans loved about Nyxia. It follows three riders who are competing in a competitive phoenix horse racing competition. The horses they ride live for a day, die at night, and can be resurrected each morning using alchemy. The fastest rider, smartest alchemist, and most skilled fighter usually wins the Races and takes all of the glory. It comes out in January of 2020.
We are super grateful to Scott for taking the time to answer our questions and super excited for the release of Nyxia Uprising today.  If you haven’t read either of the first two books, the Kindle versions are on sale for $1.99 today!  (Links below) Grab them and devour them so you can start Uprising ASAP!  You can also order Uprising today in the hardback, paperback, audiobook and Kindle versions.  Use the links below to get your copies!

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