My PANDA: A Year in Review

For those of you fighting PANDAS or just fighting to keep your child’s life normal in the face of PANDAS, I think it’s fair to admit that this may have been one of our worst years for symptoms since Spencer was diagnosed! Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and I wanted to take this opportunity, as the school year comes to a close today, to highlight everything we DID manage to accomplish!

We started our school year, as we always do with a trip. For 5th grade, we went to Chicago again, but this time took Daddy along!

We looked out from the top of the Hancock Building!

We rode on double-decker open-topped busses and in Ubers.

We sailed on pirate ships!

School started in mid-August and he was ready! We took our annual Class of 2026 picture and the obligatory first day of school photo!

I cleaned the house once! šŸ™‚

I hung out with Spencer’s buddies who helped me with my jewelry shows!

School photos were taken.

Daddy and I took Emerson to see Joe Rogan. Spence wasn’t quite old enough for that one yet!

Spencer ran for and was elected to student council!

I kept doing jewelry shows!

I got invited to Notre Dame for ND Loyal and had amazing seats in a box!

Spencer had the flu that weekend so he got some souvenirs!

We took family photos with the brothers for our Christmas cards.

Spence turned 11 and we rented a video game truck for him and his friends.

He saved up enough money to buy his own PC!

Halloween came and went.

We did some fundraising for the PTA and Spencer got to participate in limo lunch.

We went to BizTown with his class.

We honored Uncle Mike at the Veteran’s Day assembly.

I hung out with a tranny and loved it! šŸ™‚

Spence humored me and got his picture taken with Santa.

Grandma broke her arm!

Spencer sang with the choir.

We built a lamp with Grandma Carol’s Christmas present and supported Christopher in his first Nutcracker performance!

We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Christmas and showed off our tiny hands and Bob Ross painting set!

We visited the Chinese Lantern Festival in Columbus.

Cotillion started. He hated it. But, we kept up with it.

Late January/early February is when the tics really started.

We went to Disney and took advantage of a special disability pass for his urinary frequency.

We hated having to come home!

I lost 22 pounds with the Faster Way to Fat Loss.

I started modeling for Gwynnie Bee!

Spence got glasses. The tics got ALOT worse though we don’t think it had anything to do with the glasses.

He graduated from Cotillion!

He entered a science project in the district Science Fair with his buddy!

I wore a tin foil hat on my head with my friend, Heather at the Worthington Chocolate Walk.

We went to the Price is Right Live Show for my birthday.

We met Jason Reynolds!

We went to Amish Country with Grandma and Grandpa!

Spence and I got to see Hamilton together!

Shenanigans continued at school but Spencer wasn’t there very often due to tics in February and March.

Destination Imagination competition took place in early March.

Christopher got his temps!

Daddy and I went on a couple of dates! They were long overdue!

We went to see Monster Jam at the Schottenstein.

We met Kwame Alexander and Margaret Peterson Haddix.

We celebrated Grandpa’s 3rd Liverversary!

5th grade fun continued…

Blood draws, blood draws, blood draws and homeschooling.

End of year orchestra concert.

Spencer ran for Student Council Treasurer. He got nominated from his class in the primaries but was beaten by another student in the actual election.

Final choir performance and Art Show.

Last field trip of the year to the Ohio Theater and Columbus Museum of Art.

As you can see…it was a rough year but we kept going! We didn’t let PANDAS stop us even though it nearly brought us to our knees a few times. As the school year ends today and Spencer becomes a rising 6th grader…I can only pray that next year is less eventful healthwise but equally exciting and rewarding in every other way!

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