What’s Waiting on My E-Reader – September 14, 2020

If you haven’t already recognized this fact: I’m reading multiple books in multiple formats, all the time! I usually have one paper book, several audiobooks and a ton of e-books going at any moment and, for whatever reason, I don’t seem to struggle with switching between stories.

That being said, today, I want to show you what I’ve been e-reading!

What’s Waiting on My E-Reader – September 14, 2020

My favorite things about e-books are:

  1. That I can get them so inexpensively (from http://www.bookshop.org/shop/ndgrad95reads, of course, but also from my local library!) and,
  2. That I can carry them everywhere on my Kindle reader on my phone. That convenience allows me to read constantly…whether I’m standing in line at Target or waiting for my son’s baseball game to start. I get so much more reading in than I did before I discovered e-books!
  3. That I can switch up what I’m reading at any time. I don’t have to have 3 books in my purse. If I’m not in the mood for the book I thought I wanted to read, I just dial up something else on my e-reader and come back to it later!

While any and all of these books could also be enjoyed in paper form, if you love a good e-book, I’ve outlined the 10 that I’m gobbling up right now! Oddly for me, these are all adult books at the moment (no YA, no Middle Grade) and all fiction. Mosts of these titles are also very new (for some reason I lean toward the new titles on my e-reader.) I know that’s just what some of you love, so this will be the perfect list for you! Check it out and let me know in the comments how you feel about e-books vs. paper books vs. audiobooks!

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