What’s On My TBR? September 21, 2020

Here’s another little glimpse into my TBR! 10 titles that I’m dying to get my hands on. (A little secret: I’ve actually started a few of them because I can’t help but dip into titles I’m really looking forward to!)

This list is 40% nonfiction…which is HUGE for me. Given, most of that nonfiction is in the form of memoir and the rest of it is told in a very narrative style! Nonetheless, if you find my lists usually lack in the nonfiction category…this just might be the list for you!

Another anomaly about this list: there is NO Middle Grade or YA fiction here. I did read one of these books with my son but only because it’s important for him to know about…not because it was targeted to the 12 year old demographic!

I love this list…it truly gives me something to look forward to! Check it out…I hope it’ll be equally exciting for you. What’s on your TBR? By the way, how long is your TBR? How long is too long? I must admit…I could write posts about my TBR for months and never reach the end! How about you?

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