Middle Grade and YA: What’s On My Nightstand? September 28, 2020

I really do love Middle Grade and YA novels and, right now, my nightstand is chock full of titles that I can’t wait to get to! Today’s list contains ten titles that are as varied as they are exciting: everything from a more serious YA look at gender identity and teen love to a fun-filled romp of an adventure to save grandpa! None of these titles are to be missed…I’ll read a few with my son but most of them I’ll devour on my own.

There’s something to be said for the quick, sweet satisfaction of a pithy Middle Grade title. YA titles too seem to serve as palette cleansers for me between slightly heavier adult reading. Do you read Middle Grade and YA? Do you read them alone or with a young person? Are you hoping to recommend this list to young people you know or keep it all for yourself? I’d love to hear more about your ‘younger literature’ reading habits in the comments. I can’t be alone in loving to read new and exciting titles for the younger set!

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