What’s Next on Audio? September 28, 2020

Oooh…do I have a list of audiobooks for you?!? Everything from compelling nonfiction to a Middle Grade classic (with some mythology and YA thrown in for good measure,) I promise you’re going to love this list!

I always have an audiobook going in my car and occasionally also listen while I am knitting or crocheting (if I can get everyone else out of the room! :0) and there are some titles on this list that I’ve already started and several that I can’t wait to dive into! Follow-ups from Angie Thomas and John Green top the list, followed by my first dip into Louise Penny and Rick Riordan! Fill the list out with two non-fiction titles that promise to deliver information and thought-provoking entertainment (Wild Things and Invisible Women) and a few other amazing books…and you’ve got a list that is not to be missed!

Join me in checking out these books on audio (I highly recommend it) or grab your own copy on paper or for your e-reader! I’d love to hear whether or not you are loving these books the way I am…and what format you’ve decided to tackle them in!

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