12 of Our Favorite Picture and Board Books!

I just adored creating this list of picture books and board books that we have loved! It was a total walk down memory lane for me and every title on this list comes with a story from my son’s life! He’s 12 now…but these are the books we read and loved for the first 1-4 years of his life!

I still collect children’s books…I don’t know if I’m creating a collection for future grandchildren or if I just love them, but each of these books is part of that lovingly curated stack! Some of our absolute favorites are Pat the Bunny, Goodnight, Gorilla and Moo, Baa, La, La, La! We occasionally revisit them just for laugh and a fond memory!

I couldn’t hold myself to just 10 titles on this list and you’ll see why. These are endearing books that are perfect to share with a little one and perfect to give as gifts for a baby shower or birthday party! What titles will you always remember from your childhood or from reading to a child? I’d love to know!

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