10 Great Books I’m Gearing Up to Read (or Read Again!) – October 5, 2020

Here’s a list of books I’m gearing up to read…including one that I’m reading for a second time just to take it all in!

This list includes a few Middle Grade titles, a couple of YA books and a few adult titles (no nonfiction this time!) that will sweep you away! The thing I really love about this list is that there are so many books about relationships and coming-of-age.

As you’ll see, I’m reading my first Neil Gaiman (what do you think?) and rereading There There by Tommy Orange. I finsihed There There a couple of months back and loved it but didn’t feel like I gave it my full attention. There were so many characters and so much good content that I decided to give it a reread (something I NEVER do!)

Do you reread much? Any of these books that you’ve already read and would highly recommend I move to the top of the stack? I can’t wait to dig into these and would love to hear your thoughts!

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