About Mama Panda


I’m a wife, mom, stepmom, corporate professional, techie, book nerd, travel junkie, habitual volunteer and crafter.  I’m raising a child with a medical condition; I struggle with my addictive personality every day and have suffered from depression and ADD for 20+ years; I praise God (and anyone else who will listen) every day for modern pharmacology.    I’m an extrovert AND HSP (highly sensitive person) which is an odd combination in and of itself.  Add my marriage to a mechanical engineer on top of that and you’ve got quite the personality soup at my house!

I have great stories…some amazing, some funny, some unbelievably heartbreaking and some just plain unbelievable.  I love to share what I’ve learned and aspire to be some odd combination of Anne Bogel (Modern Mrs. Darcy), Glennon Melton Doyle (Momastery.com) and Erica (What Do We Do All Day?) online.   Maybe I want to write a book.  Maybe someday I’ll find a way to open my own bookstore.

Today, I’m 43.  I’m living the dream if ‘living the dream’ means waking up every day and have a chance to try again.  I’m an ‘acquired taste.’  I’m ‘too much’ for some people.  I think most problems can be solved with a nap.  I have a broken ‘no’ so I do too much, all the time.  I can’t stop learning.  I love kids and babies and they love me.  I’m loyal to a fault and once you are ‘one of my people’ you are ‘one of my people’ forever.  I know I have something to say…I hope it’s something that resonates with you.


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