Oldies but Goodies: Twenty Big Hits from 2017


It’s easy to forget, amongst all the new and shiny titles, that there are a TON of backlist titles that you may not have gotten to yet. To remedy that situation, I’m providing this lists of 20 titles that I read in 2017 and would wholeheartedly recommend!

In true Mama Panda form, this list contains Middle Grade, YA, Literary and General Fiction and Nonfiction! There are some true titles to love here…and some that I would highly recommend reading with someone else. All the Ugly and Wonderful Things brings with it a fair bit of controversy and would be great for an openminded book club! Circus Mirandus and Better Nate Than Ever are titles that I can’t recommend enough for parent/child read alouds!

There are both laughs (The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher) and tears (Peace Like a River and Saving Marty) and everything in between. Some of these titles will make you cheer for the protagonist (Americanah) and some will just make you shake your head (The Two-Family House!)

All in all, there’s something for everyone on this list. Honestly, I had forgotten how much I loved my reading life in 2017…I just may have to go back and read a few of these again!

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